ACHIEVE GREATNESS - Third Eye Gemstones
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ACHIEVE GREATNESS - Third Eye Gemstones
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ACHIEVE GREATNESS - Third Eye Gemstones
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Mediocrity will never do, you are capable of greatness!


Bracelet Gemstones

Black Agate - Like all black gemstones black agate is a protective and grounding crystal.  Historically agate was placed in water for cooking or drinking to dispel sickness.  Agate in known to attract good fortune into one's life and eliminate bad luck.  Agate is the perfect stone for a competitor as it brings courage and success in competition.

White Jade -  White Jade helps protect the wearer against negative influences or energies. This stone is excellent for staying calm and grounded. White Jade was traditionally known as a gemstone of royalty and power, particularly in the East. Others recognize it for its healing and stabilizing energies, which helps relieve anxiety and remove negative emotions developed from fear.

Blue Sea Sediment - Blue sea sediment stone is a man made gemstone.  An aesthetically appealing stone that creates beautiful jewelry.  According to gemologist, this stone is typically a quartz gemstone that is dyed to give it the unique blue colour. 


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